Tenant & Leaseholder Services

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This page contains general information on how to pay rent etc. For most other services you should call at or contact the co-op office.

Paying Rent

There are several ways of paying your rent, and you can pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly. All payments must be accompanied by your tenancy reference. You can find this on your quarterly rent statements and on your rent payment card.

If you receive Housing Benefit, this is normally paid directly into our bank account by the Council's Housing Benefit department. If you get full benefit, you will probably not have to make any rent payments yourself at all.

If you get Universal Credit you will normally receive the housing benefit element yourself and need to pass it on to us (we recommend setting up a monthly standing order for this). With Universal Credit you need to inform the DWP if your rent changes, as unlike the Housing Benefit department they do not get this information automatically. Rents went up by 2.7% on 6th April 2020, so if you have not already done so you should use your Universal Credit Online account to inform the DWP of the new rent amount that was in the notice we recently sent to you.

23 March 2020 Due to the coronavirus situation, you are unlikely to be able to pay rent at the co-op office for the next few weeks and paying at the Post Office may also be unsafe or impossible for many people. If you do use the Post Office make sure to maintain a safe distance from other customers. The safest way to pay your rent is by online banking or standing order.

If you are having difficulty paying your rent due to the coronavirus, e.g. because you are self-isolating or have been laid off, check the government's Covid 19 Guidance For Employees which explains what financial help you can receive, including Statutory Sick Pay, 80% wages through the Job Retention Scheme, and Universal Credit.

See also Lewisham Homes' advice for people struggling to pay their rent.


You can find information about the current tenancy agreement at the Lewisham Homes Tenancy page.


Some of the co-op’s activities such as estate upkeep and communal repairs benefit leaseholders as well as tenants. However some leaseholder services are provided by Lewisham Homes (including the collection of leaseholder service charges). For more information see their leaseholder information webpages.

Complaints procedure

We exist for the benefit of our residents and so aim to provide a good service. However if you have a problem with our service that can’t be sorted out informally and wish to register a complaint, you should write to the Housing Manager in the first instance. (It is important to put things in writing so that we can be clear about precisely what the problem is.) You should get an initial reply within ten working days.

The co-op has different procedures for different types of complaint: for instance complaints about anti-social behaviour by other residents do not come under the co-op's Complaints Policy but have their own separate procedure. Full information about the procedure to follow for a particular type of problem is available from the co-op office on request.