Website Privacy Policy

This page discusses how this website uses your personal data, by which we mean data that can identify you as an individual.

1. Personal information that you supply

Some pages have access controls which ask for your tenant reference. This is checked for correctness but is not stored by the website. Where pages or forms are served up containing your tenant code or other details, these are generated "on the fly" using the information you have just supplied, and this information is discarded after it has been served up to you.

If you use our enquiry form, the information you enter will be transmitted from your browser to our website using a secure link. If you do not submit the form (or it is rejected for some reason) the information you entered will be automatically discarded.

When you successfully send a message using the enquiry form it is turned into an email which is delivered by a secure email connection between the website and our office. Your message is only kept by the webserver whilst it is awaiting delivery (normally less than 5 minutes). A log file entry will be made when you use the mailform but this does not include the message text or any personal data other than your IP address. These logs are used for diagnostic purposes and are deleted periodically.

2. IP address and browser data

As with all websites, our webserver maintains a log of which pages on the site have been visited. These log entries will contain your IP address, plus any other information that your web browser supplies when it requests a webpage (such as what type of web browser it is and—if you reached this site by clicking on a link or via a search engine—the URL of the referring webpage).

The above information may be used to help us maintain and improve the website, and to compile general statistics such as which pages are popular, and how people found our website. No information is shared with third parties, and the raw log data is periodically deleted after statistics have been generated.

However we reserve the right to share log data and any other data we hold to law enforcement or other relevant agencies in the event of incidents which endanger the website or our organisation or its computers, e.g. attempted hacking, phishing. spamming, etc.

3. Cookies, scripts & webbugs

This website does not use cookies, Javascript or webbugs. If you receive a cookie which seems to be from this site, or find javascript or webbugs embedded in the pages, then it may mean your internet connection or web browser has been hijacked by malware.