Applying for Housing

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This page is for people who are thinking about applying to live in the housing co-operative.

Why live in a Co-operative?

The main advantage of living on a Co-operative estate is that tenants and leaseholders have a large say in how their estate is run and managed, since they themselves are involved in running it. For more information about living in co-operative housing generally, see the Confederation of Co-operative Housing’s “bringing democracy home” webpage.

Here at ERHC, all of the tenancies are secure like any other Council tenancy. The properties on the estate are owned by Lewisham Council but are managed by the tenants themselves. The co-op employs staff to do the work that would normally have been done by the Council’s housing staff.

For the co-op to be successful, residents of the estate have to get involved. The co-op has several committees that are oversee various aspects of management. For more information, see the Co-op Committee page.

How to apply for housing

First, please note that very few properties come up for reletting (about five a year on average), and that the co-op does not provide temporary accommodation of any kind.

For information about the types of property we have, see the Properties page.

All applicants for housing with Ewart Road Housing Co-op must be registered with Lewisham Council for rehousing. You will need your Lewisham reference number, band and acceptance date in order to complete our application form.

If you have not yet applied to Lewisham for rehousing, you will need to do that first. You can find more information, and request an application form, from the Lewisham Council Housing Allocations webpage.